Summer’s Inspiration

I sit quietly in the morning breeze sipping a warm cup of tea. Earth’s shadows are changing now as the golden colors of vegetation remind us that fall is soon approaching…

I have just returned from an “authors meeting” on the CT Children’s Book Project. New ideas are forming as Lesa and I are inspired by the process of creating this story. We are beginning to move into a new phase of development while interviewing illustrators and developing a “supportive team.” The storyline has been fun and exciting to write, especially with a few unexpected twists! Those who have heard it thus far have described it as “captivating, original and expressive.”

I also continue to direct and support regional Harpers while compiling my original compositions into a book for harp ensembles.  There are 12 new pieces I am currently working on to offer the harp community, including a few upbeat numbers with a latin flare. it has been rewarding to hear the development of the compositions as they come to life with the sound of harp strings!

Thank you for your interest in my blog. i welcome your comments and will be back in touch again soon…Mona

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